An environmental focus

Throughout the Watts Group there is a constant drive to find more environmentally friendly ways to deal with waste and run the businesses more ethically.

In this vein, Plysolene have recently seized the opportunity to further reduce their carbon footprint by installing a baling machine in the factory. This ensures that they can now recycle their clear and white plastic waste, as well as cardboard, and avoids skip fulls of waste heading to landfill.

What goes around…

Plysolene have also teamed up with one of their customers, Gratnells, to develop a recycling scheme between the companies for their high impact polystyrene sheets (HIPS).

Gratnells receive the grey coloured HIP as a sheet and which they vacuum form them into their iconic inserts for the storage systems they manufacture for homes, schools and offices. Inevitably, during the manufacturing process, a certain amount of waste is created so Gratnells grind up this waste and bag it which Plysolene then purchase back as they know the provenance and the quality of the material.

The waste is then transformed by Plysolene into HIP sheet called PLYFORM Eco., ready to be used again.